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We Drive Real Time Engagements and Promote Accelerated Transactions In Virtual Live Commerce Events 

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Bluelev is a Web-based technology that creates and manages virtual marketing spaces for live digital e-sports and entertainment events. 


The Bluelev platform activates and drives multiple monetization layers with creative elements that are both contextual and frictionless.

We operate at the cutting edge of new markets, with proven insight into new-frontier capabilities such as frictionless checkout, digital authentic goods and virtual demand management. Our proprietary technology allows us to generate hyper targeted sales opportunities and take consumer conversion rates from the typical 2%-4% to 20% and beyond.

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“For us, the bluelev platform is truly amazing.  It’s driving new opportunities with our existing Business Partnerships & Sponsors and will have a huge impact to our bottom line.”

Greg Argyle, CTO RSportz

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